What is Sabbath Baking?

In the Jewish tradition, Sabbath is a day set aside by God when no work is to be done (including baking). It is a day for intentional prayer, rest, and connecting with God. The keeping of Sabbath is a practice that is much needed in our world that has often normalized, if not prioritized, busyness and productivity.  The call to rest rather than work is counter cultural, saved for many it is unfathomable. However, if we are to take seriously God’s invitation to follow Jesus, then this call is essential. 

In my journey to develop a full practice of Sabbath, I began taking small steps of intentional times during the day when I could unplug, disconnect from the world and connect more fully with God. These Sabbath moments have become an important part of my life of faith and as I became more intentional about them, they increasingly began to revolve around food.  When I knew a week would be busy, I would plan a batch of cookies or a cake project for the weekend as a reward.  Some warm biscuits would welcome me into a day off. As I mixed or kneaded, the stress of the day worked its way into the batter. And the space that was opened was filled with prayer and discernment. When a friend was grieving or sick, my petitions on their behalf were studded with chocolate chips and delivered as a tangible reminder of my concern.

Sabbath Baking is an intentional effort to experience God through the creative act of baking.  By setting aside time to prepare delicious food for ourselves and others, we participate in the creativity of God and the hospitality and generosity that are the marks of following Jesus. It is the hope that when we learn to experience God in the kitchen, that we will be able to experience God more in the other areas of our homes and lives as well

What are some of the ways that you have encountered God in different ways?

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